Novation XioSynth

synthesizer/controller/auio interface

Information about the Novation XioSynth

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Listent to the XioSynth on these :

Yamaha MSP5A active nearfield monitors

Roland DS-7 active monitors

Mission SM6A

Tannoy Precision 8D

Mackie HR824 Active Studio Monitor


Novation XioSynth Description

Compact MIDI controller that also packs an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer with arpeggiator, and an audio interface. Interestingly, it can operate as both a synthesizer and controller at the same time.

In 25 or 49-key format, it powers off batteries (6xAA ), USB or mains. Costs peanuts! Nice all-in-one laptop accessory for the mobile musician.

Size - 25-key: 468x68x190(mm) - 49-key: 798x68x190(mm), weight: 1.4 and 1.6kg respectively

Marketing blurb on Novation XioSynth

Full specification of Novation XioSynth

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XioSynth resources

XioSynth QuickStart guide

XioSynth full manual

XioSynth template editor for PC & MAC

XioSynth factory sound banks

Alternatives to the XioSynth

Novation X-Station

Line 6 Toneport KB37

Alesis Photon X25

Korg K-series controller

M-Audio Ozonic & M-Audio Ozone

Behringer U-Control UMX series

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